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Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards. – Soren Kierkegaard.

When you stand between your youth and your mature years,
things will never be the same.
The people that you met, you hear them speaking,
but you catch a different stories.
The air that you breathe, some stay the same,
but it gives you different chills.

Some say,
that’s what experience do.

It changes things, it changes people on how to look at things.
Everything just became differently seen.
Differently feels.

Being thirty,
it doesnt really far from twenty eight, or nine.
But God,
it does feel far.

How many steps have i took since my first step?
How many handshake have i made, since i do one?
How many people that i hurt?
How many people, i have forgiven?

At thirty,
all grounds must be all new, for a new age.
A single new begining, as how i need it to be.

Doesnt have to be a new ground to stand at,
might doesnt have to be a new oath to life a healthy live.
Might just have to be a new version of life at it best,
might just have to be a new pair of seeing eyes,
a beat of a new heart to feel life,
a desire of a new path for my own sake life.

Before thirty,
the fight was always about the mobius mind.
At thirty,
all ground, ought to be ground zero.